That`s not a C*non camera…

There was this funny accident when I was photographing the space shuttle Atlantis on a visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, US… and all of sudden this random young tourist couple approached me…

“Dude… please take a photo of us with my Canon camera? But please be careful it is an professional and expensive camera…” he said.

“O…kay…” I received the “expensive” camera from him and start to taking their picture, without changing the Shutter Priority Mode at the setting that has been set on the camera by him.

“Oh dude… the pictures are all too dark… you did something wrong” he complained. And I offer to retake them. They agreed.

I set the “expensive” camera from Shutter Priority mode to Auto Mode and start taking their picture. This time the result was good and they like it.

“See… this is what a professional camera can do… if you do it right” he proudly explained his camera.

“What kind of camera do you have, Dude?…” he pointed to the camera that was hanging on my shoulder.

“Is this a Canon camera?… Oh no, this is not a Canon Camera… It`s too Big, Dude… must be an old camera. You know nowadays camera become smaller but very good quality…”

Apparently he did not see the Canon strap on my camera, and the black masking tape I use to cover the Canon logo and series works very well to hide the identity of the camera I use.

“…Well this is a Canon EOS 1D Mark III, Sir… it`s big and heavy… and probably old…” I replied him easy…

“Yes… that`s not a Canon… there should be a Canon logo there… you see it is here in my Camera…” he pointed the Canon logo of his Camera.

“…Oooh okay… maybe you are right…” I smiled. I don`t want to argue with this kind of tourist.

And then he tried to explain to me about ISO, Flash, Live View… and so on.

That`s it… I had enough! I smiled and gave him back his “expensive” Canon Camera to him… but before that I set his camera mode to MANUAL Mode… dialing the shutter speed to 1/8000 and ISO 100… 

I walked away… and when I turn back… I saw he was somewhat confused and frustrated looking his camera… for sure… in that kind of lighting condition… with the camera setting I had set… he will only get pitch dark images  FTW.


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