Okinawa Masjid Rahmatalil`alameen

Okinawa Masjid Rahmatalil`alameen is the first public masjid or mosque built in Okinawa Island, Japan. The foundation of Okinawa Masjid was erected in 2013 through the initiative of Syed Zakir Ali, Mian Waleed an several Pakistani muslims brothers working in Ishikawa City, Okinawa. They gained support from the Okinawan Muslim community who have long dreamed to have a place for worship at least five time a day in a daily basis.

This masjid is located just 10 minutes walk outside the the Nishihara Gate of University of the Ryukyus or about 5 minutes walk from the University Hospital.

The current building is a temporary container-type housings, which are separated into two compartment. The first room can provide a space for about 30 peoples, while the smaller room is usually designated for women (5-6 people). When the number of worshiper exceed the capacity of the space inside the room, such as during the Eid, the open space in front of the masjid is used. This can provide a space for approximately 100 people.

The current status of this masjid has been recognized by the local government, however the administrative procedure to get a formal approval as a permanent place of Islamic worship and teachings is still continuously being assessed according to the Japanese Law. Hence, the active support from the Okinawan Muslim community is highly needed to fasten the process of this assessment.

This masjid is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and through all the year. Some routine events, such as Koran (Al Qur`an) recitation, Islamic teachings (e.g. Hadith, sermon, etc.) as well as meetings and family gathering are hold in this masjid. The ultimate purpose of this masjid is not only to provide a place of pray or worship for muslims, but also provide a place to introduce Islam, its teachings and values, positive to the local non-muslim Okinawan community and general public in general. Hence, this place is open for all people.

The current head of Okinawa Masjid is a local Okinawan Muslim, Brother Yamazato, the head of a respected architecture company who also actively support in designing and building process of the permanent building of future Okinawa Masjid.

If you happen to come to Okinawa and want to find a masjid, you are always welcome to visit. Please follow below information to get to Okinawa Masjid.

Okinawa Mosque
〒903-0125 沖縄県中頭郡西原町上原
(Uehara, Nishihara-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 903-0125, Japan)
Google Map GPS pin poin: 26.243371, 127.761017

Facebook group:


If you are around Naha City, including traveling from Naha Airport, I suggest you to go to Naha Bus Terminal. From Naha Bus Terminal take a bus No. 97 towards University of the Ryukyus (Ryudai) and get off at the University Hospital (Ryuudai Byouin). This will took about 40 min. Then from the hopsital to Okinawa Masjid is just 3-5 min. walk towards the Nishihara Gate from this hospital.

If you take bus No. 98 from Naha City, get off at the final destination which is University of The Ryukyus (Ryuudai). From here, you have to ask a direction to the Nishihara Gate (Nishihara Guchi) which will take about 15 min to reach. The Okinawa Masjid is located about 10 min. from Nishihara Gate by walk.

Unfortunately, there is not much Bus alternative if you reside in the northern part of Okinawa.

If you want to reach by taxi, just tell the driver to go to the University of the Ryukyus Hospital (Ryuudai Byouin). Okinawa Masjid is just 3-5 min. walk towards the Nishihara Gate from this hospital. Or alternatively you may also show the above address of the mosque.

Personal Car / Bike
If you want to drive by your own to this location, the following Google Map pin point may be useful for you (26.243371, 127.761017).

Use the following link for Google Map: 

Use this interactive Google Map to guide you to the masjid.

Click each image for larger view.


5 thoughts on “Okinawa Masjid Rahmatalil`alameen

    • Kemungkinan ada lebih dari 200 orang dr berbagai negara. Hanya saja yg sering ke masjid hanya sekitar 10-15 orang yg umumnya mahasiswa. Sisanya tersebar di berbagai tempat yg cukup jauh dan kemungkinan sulit dapat izin dr tempat mereka bekerja utk rutin kumpul di masjid.

  1. Terima kasih atas informasinya. Kebetulan saya memang lagi mencari informasi seputar muslim center di Okinawa. Tapi apakah masjid ini hanya untuk jamaah perempuan? Soalnya saya tidak melihat jamaah perempuan di foto. Apakah masjid rahmatalil’alameen hanya satu-satunya masjid di Okinawa? Terima kasih

    • Masjid Rahmatalil’alameen diperuntukkan baik jamaah laki-laki maupun perempuan. Hanya memang tidak banyak perempuan yang hadir ke masjid sehari-harinya. Sunnah-nya juga perempuan lebih baik beribadah di rumah sementara laki-laki di masjid.

      Pada event-event tertentu, misalnya sholat Ied, biasanya ada banyak perempuan yg hadir (mahasiswi, pekerja, istri, anak2).

      Saat ini, masjid ini adalah masjid pertama dan satu-satunya di Okinawa.

  2. Assalamualaikum
    My dear brothers And Sisters iam Khaja khan from Hyderabad, India.
    iam Indian Mislim working in Islamic Dawa Center (Peace Propagation Center).
    i Need A help, that is i want to contact Okinawa Muslims for information regarding Karate for my daughter she is 4 years old. my facebook id : WhatsApp: +91 8500050858.

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