Illustrative field books for a “beginner-level” biologist

I just went with my wife to a local book off store in Naha City, Okinawa. I actually didn’t plan to buy a book or two in my mind. But, when I found these two books, I couldn’t resist myself to grab them into the shopping bucket, LOL.

One is a book about fishes and the other one about beetles.

Yes, I know these books are in Japanese and they are aimed for general elementary school students. But the information provided by the autjors in these books are just amazing: beautiful pictures with local name of each species and other useful data.

As a marine biologist I found such image-rich book about biodiversity is very difficult to pass on, especially when the prices of such thick books are very cheap. It’s used, but still in very crisp condition. And I am sure that they will be useful for species identification in the field.

What I am amazed is that these books, despite its complexity of information, are designated for Japanese elementary students. This means that from the early age, Japanese kids are taught to grow their curiosity in biology, nature and science.

I have dreamed to make myself an illustrative guide book about dinoflagellates in the future, just as beautifully arranged as these books. Just, need to start compiling the materials to make it come true!

One day, inshaa Allah.




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