Characters of a Warrior


The above photograph shows the famous sentences my Okinawan Karate sensei: hanshi Keishun Kakihonaha, wrote for his disciples. They contains very deep instructions and points on what characters a Karateka (someone who is learning Karate) should possess.

They are transliterated and translated as follow:

Iikagen dato guchi ga deru” – If you are irresponsible (in doing the tasks), you will always complain.

Chuuto hampa dato, iiwake bakari” – If you are half-hearted (in performing your duty), you will always make excuses.

Shinken naraba, chie ga deru” – But if  you give your fullest (and serious attention), you will always find wisdom (in everything you do).

While the rest of the Japanese kanji writings are generally read as:
Okinawa Karate, Shorin Ryu, Shorinkai
Kakinohana Honbu Dojo
Keishun Kakinohana


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