Karate Guests from Chile

On January 16-17, 2016, my Okinawan Karate association: Shorin Ryu – Shorinkai, was visited by Mauricio Troncoso sensei and his students. They are coming from the Shorin Ryu, Kushinkai in Chile.

On January 16th morning, we practiced Karate at Giyu Gibo sensei`s dojo in Urasoe City. This was also my first visit to this place, and I have to say that it was a very beautiful dojo, and Gibo sensei (9th DAN) was such a humble and nice person to welcome us in his dojo, not to mention that he is a very skillful and great Karate master, despite his old age (78 years!).

Click individual photos for larger view.

On January 17th morning, the guests from Chile was invited to train in Shorinkai Honbu Dojo in Okinawa-shi. This dojo is managed by my sensei, Kakinohana sensei (9th DAN). This is the place I routinely visited for Karate practice for the past 5 years living in Okinawa. We had the privilege of watching the Kata demonstrations and Bunkai (applications) of various Karate techniques by the Chilean guests and Kakinohana sensei.

Click individual photos for larger view.


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